Monday, October 26, 2015

Project Enthusiasm

Hey everybody!

So this week has been a fun one.   We started a project this week: project enthusiasm.   It has really paid some benefits.   We saw a ton more success this week, got some new investigators.  Going about the Lord's work with a spring in your step really pays off.  That enthusiasm spread through the district as well this week and hopefully it will just go further.  Also new this week, a missionary game: contacting baseball.  Person walks by you or doesn't take a card,  Strike.   Person takes a card,  Single.  Get the persons contact information.  Double.  Place a Book of Mormon, Triple.  Get and appointment with them or teach a lesson, Home Run!  Get a dinner appointment with them, Out of the park Home Run!  (That happens sometimes with people from Africa or Suriname, they are really nice if you talk up their country and food).  Three strikes is an out.  3 outs and that's an inning and you have to wait to contact again until other person ends an inning.  Keep track of where your runners are and what your score is. So we played that this week going between appointments and it really helped Elder Stanworth start trying to talk to people, plus it was super fun.

With as many things as we tried to do this week to amp up enthusiasm and have fun, I just want to point out I still know how sacred this calling is that we hold.  We are representing Jesus Christ, this is his work, he is at the head.  The underlying joy I find from living the gospel does not stem from a worldly source, but from a pure one, that being the love of God as I try to follow the path he has set for me.  For each of us actually.  His plan is broad, and yet oh so personal.  Although his son Jesus Christ suffered for a countless number of God's children, he knows us personally, what we are going through, and if we let him he can make more of our lives then we ever could on our own.  He is the ultimate older brother, and our advocate with the father.

I love you all!

Elder Lott

Question of the Week: Are sports seasonal there, with championship playoffs like many sports in the US?

Answer:  Yes, sports are seasonal here.  I don't pay to much attention, but I do know that PSV (Eindhoven) won the soccer title last year.  As far as everything else goes I know it happens but as far as details, I've got nothing.

PSV (Eindhoven) are the Eredivisie 2014-15 Champions
Wikipedia page about PSV

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