Monday, October 26, 2015

October Ward Newsletter

[Mom note:  Elder Lott's home ward in Bountiful has a number of  missionaries serving at this time.  We have a wonderful ward missionary coordinator (Momma Tara), who organizes holiday treats and coordinates the missionary page in our ward newsletter. October was another turn for Elder Lott to write a letter. This is the letter he sent in response to the questions 'What have you learned during your first year as a missionary, and what can the youth of our ward do to better prepare for serving their own missions?'  Also he sent the new Mission Home address, which should be used for all future letters or packages.  Just for fun, this is a throwback picture of Seminary Graduation, 2014.  All of these dear youth from our ward have now traded those diplomas for missionary tags.]

Elder Fisher, Elder Lott, Sister Beal, Elder Kunz, Elder Dyer and Elder Humphries

On the first year of my mission I have learned so much!  But to sum it up I would say I have learned how important it is to be a true servant of the Lord, and how important it is to serve out of love.  There are 5 reasons you can have for doing something, all with varying degrees of motivation behind each one, which is strongly associated with success.  The lowest on that scale would be that you are forced to do something, you have no motivation and you will therefore see almost no success.  2nd would be that you are motivated out of fear.  In the case of a mission that would be fear of reputation, alternatives, whatever, but whatever motivation fear gives you won't sustain itself and will therefore not equal much success.  3rd would be receiving a reward.  In the case of a mission that could be parents paying for college, a better chance of marriage in the future, praise of others, or the chance to travel.  This gives some motivation, but not the best.  4th on the list which is starting to get somewhere would be doing something out of Duty.  Duty to God, country, the blessings he has given you, your parents/family. This is a pretty good reason to serve or to do something, but there is something more powerful, and that is the 5th reason, which is Love.  Doing something out of Love is the purest and best reason for doing something.  Someone doing something for a love of God, country, family or whatever else, but especially God, will not falter.  It is not a lustful love, but a pure love.  A love which brings the best out of people, causes one to forget self, and calls down heavenly help for success.  On my mission I would say I started out  serving out of Duty.  I have learned though that when I can forget myself and serve out of love, humbly desiring to simply serve God and my brothers and sisters, that there is no better feeling in the world.

My advice to the Young men and women of the ward preparing for missions, heck even if they aren't preparing yet, to study out of the scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon) and Preach My Gospel.  It doesn't need to be long.  10-15 minutes a day can go a long way. Then think about what you have learned, and try applying it in your own life.  Learn how the spirit speaks to you.  Your Father in heaven loves you, if you ask him for help in doing just these few simple things, he will pour out blessings you can't even imagine.  

I love you all!

-Elder Hayden Lott

Belgie/Nederland Zending
Elder Hayden L. Lott
Schuttersveld 2 C
2316 ZA Leiden

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