Monday, October 19, 2015

Life in Breda?

Hey Everybody!

So from the title of the email I'm betting at least some of you can guess that we didn't spend much time in Breda this week.  That's because we had conference upon conference lined up, from temple conference to stake conference.  It was all super fun but we hardly worked at all in our own city this week.  Monday night we headed out after getting everything we needed to and a dinner appointment  to go and sleep over in Den Haag.  That was super fun because we got to sleep over with some Elders I know and are good friends so we got to catch up.  Then temple conference the next day was fantastic!   I love the spirit that can be felt in the temple.  When we are prepared to enter God's house we can receive direction and revelation to guide our lives, and the peace and confidence necessary to do so.  I took a lot of things away but one thing is definitely that I need to check myself and put more on the 'altar' at this point in my mission so I can stay focused and do all I need to while I'm here.  

The Hague Netherlands LDS (Mormon) Temple

Temple Worship: The Source of Strength and Power in Times of Need
Richard G. Scott, General Conference April 2009

Then we had two 'normal' days to work here in Breda, then we were traveling again to be in Belgium for stake conference.  The conference itself was cool, but what was even better was the fact that for sleep overs I had pulled a few strings and we were able to sleep over in Leuven Saturday night after the adult session of conference in Antwerpen.  So I was able to pop in and say hi to a few members and old investigators.  That was really cool to be able to do.  I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to, but a few I needed to, so that was good.

I'm just loving missionary work right now, expanding my vocabulary in Dutch at a ridiculous rate that only the gift of tongues can explain.  I did mess up this last week in being organized in all the craziness so we have hardly anything planned for this week, so we'll pay for it, but the atonement covers everything so I'll repent this week and move on.

I love you all so much!

-Elder Hayden Lott

Question of the Week:  I found a website with a list of Dutch Birthday traditions. One of them was:

 "If it is your partner or child’s birthday, you must congratulate everyone else in the family. This might sound odd. It goes like this. It is your husband’s birthday. You invite his mother for coffee and cake. She says to you “Congratulations on Fred’s birthday”, you say to her: “Congratulations on your son’s birthday”. You congratulate Fred’s sister on her brother’s birthday and so on. Seriously. You do."   

Have you observed this tradition, or is there something else you've seen instead? 

Answer:  I've never heard of congratulating the person's family.  I've heard people congratulate the person directly, so I don't know.  Maybe it's regional? Or I'm just being rude, which I found out I probably have been in that past with other words I've been using that are joking if you are friends with the person but if you have only just met are more direct.  Haha so that's funny.

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