Wednesday, August 6, 2014

MTC Drop Off, Wednesday August 6, 2014

Last tender moments as Elder Lott arrives at the Provo MTC.  An answer to a pray of Elder Lott's father that our son would have an opportunity to see someone he knew so that he would feel that he was at the right place, happened even sooner that expected.  Elder Andrew Erying, a friend from high school, was hosting the day Elder Lott was dropped off, and was able to mentor him through the day.  Our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, of this we testify.

At the Provo Temple

Handsome Priesthood Holders

Proud Parent Moment

One Last Hug

We are going to miss him while he's gone.

Loves his little sister.

Tender Goodbye
On the way from Provo Temple to MTC curb.

Arrived home to find that Sister Poppleton, Sister Latham, Sister Tara Tanner and Chalise had heart attacked our front door. 

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