Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Letter to Lilianne, August 10 and 11, 2014

Snail Mail 8/10/14,  (front page) to Lilianne
Dear Sister Lilianne Lott,

I am so grateful for your letter, it brightened my day so much!  I am glad to hear you miss me because I miss you very much, as well.  In fact I miss the whole family.  The MTC food is pretty good, but it definitely isn't homemade.  I am really trying to learn how to speak Dutch but so far I feel like I am so behind.  I know how to pray and how to bare a simple testimony.  In fact, let me share it with you:

Ik weet dat God is ons Vater in de Hemel.  Ik Weet dat Jezus Christus hefte u en ons.  Ik weet dat Joseph Smith is een profeet. Ik Weet dat Pres. Thomas S. Monson is een profeet.  Ik weet dat de Heilge Geest leight mij.  Jezus Christus is ons broer.  

Dat sprayt Ik in de naam von Jezus Christus. Amen.

I love you Lilianne!  I love the rest of you too!

Love, Elder Lott

Snail Mail 811/14, (back page) to Lilianne
haha! I haven't sent this yet so let me write some more.

Lilianne, could you tell Mom and Dad that I got their package just fine and that it would be great to get some more.

Also, I seem to have either lost my scriptures or they have been stolen because I can't find them in the lost and found.  Could you ask Mom and Dad to buy me some more, and a new scripture case, and another copy of my patriarchal blessing and send it to me?  That would be great.  

The food here is pretty good but pretty generic.

I think I am experiencing something similar to Uncle Mark in that the longer it has been from our last gym time the harder it is for me to think and pay attention.  But I am fighting through it.

Love you all!!
Elder Lott

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