Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Magic Tuesday Explained, August 13, 2014

Snail mail to Garrison and Elliot

Garrison & Elliot,

Enclosed in this letter are the instructions for something we had to do to get our visas to Belgium.  When you read it and understand, I think you will both have good laugh.

If I ever run a country, I think I will make this a rule to come in also.

How are both of you doing?  What are you up to?  How are you holding up?

Garrison, how are you doing moving into my room?

Elliot, how are those army men?

My experience here has been none less than extremely humbling and I cannot wait to to email you in another hour or so to tell the family about it.  (Of course you'll have already gotten the email, but oh well.)  The spirit here is so amazing and my district is so fun.  The food is anywhere from great to ok.  The language is coming.  I can pray and bare my testimony in Dutch already.  As well as start a simple discussion. I am already looking forward to the day when hopefully both of you would make the choice to dedicate yourself to the Lord and serve a mission.  

I love you both and miss ya like crazy.

Elder Hayden L. Lott

p.s. Give Elliot a nice little tickle for me.
[parent note:  Garrison read this as 'tackle', and proceeded to do so, lol!]

These are the instructions for what we Belgian-Netherland Elders dubbed 'Magic Tuesday'.  Yes, this is real, and we had to do it. (and blood test)

1.  Collect stool sample directly into the cup.
2.  Open the bottle containing the formalin fluid.
3.  Use the spoon attached to the cap to pick up a portion of the stool.  Approximately equal in size to a marble (1/2 inch diameter).
4.  The amount of stool sample added should raise the total volume to the level of the RED LINE. DO NOT ADD TOO MUCH!
5.  Mix thoroughly, using the spoon.
6.  Dispose of the remaining stool sample left in the cup into the toilet, replace the lid tightly, wrap with toilet tissue and dispose of the cup in the garbage can in the restroom.  DO NOT BRING IT BACK TO ME!
7.  Place the bottle in your bio-harazard bag, then hide it in the white bag and return it to the nurse.  If you collect the specimen after the clinic is closed, it will be alright.  It is in a preservative, just bring it to the Health clinic the next morning, 2M-203.  Please do this test as quickly as possible so your VISA will not be delayed.

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