Monday, May 23, 2016

Just Sowing or Harvesting as well?


This was a wonderful week.  We had zone training, which went well.  Based on the trainings we got from President Bunnell we focused in on studies.  Both personal and companionship studies.  Then for pretty much the rest of the week we were on exchanges.  We exchanged with Genk (Elder Mackay and Elder Mancer), Leuven (Elder Byers and Elder Needham), and the Brussels (Elder C. Williams and Elder Roberts).  That was really good to get to work with quite a few people in the zone.  One of the biggest lessons I learned from exchanges this week came from Elder Mancer, during one of our conversations it came out that he has noticed that in the scriptures that in missionaries calls to serve their main calling is to harvest.  Not to just sow or to plant but to harvest.  In other words to find those prepared and ready to receive the gospel with open arms and help them be baptized in his church.  Not necessarily to convince everyone that comes across their path. That is not to say we shouldn't talk to everyone and try and do what good we can because it is through 'sowing' that we find those who have been prepared to receive and have the good ground talked about in parable of the sower.  Sometimes though as missionaries we tend to put way to much weight on ourselves, and sometimes even think we can do this work on our own.  But that is not the case.  First of all, it is not our work, it is the Lords.  We have offered ourselves up for 18 months to 2 years so serve him, and he has promised to lead and guide and help us as we look to Him, and sacrifice our own wants and desires to do so.  Because this is His work, it will not fail, and we can be led and guided to an extent that probably wouldn't occur in other situations when the Lord is simply trying to tutor us.  But because there are other souls at stake, the real test/lesson is learning to give up control to the Lord.

This week was also filled with miracles.  Many of which came from cases of trying to 'Sow to Harvest' rather then just 'sow'. 
Investigators are still doing extremely well. Many are now progressing, keeping commitments, coming to church, and having the light of the gospel enter their lives.  I love these people with all my heart.  

Ik hou van jullie!
[I love you!]

-Elder Lott

Question of the Week:  I've read that many shops in Antwerpen do not open until noon, and most business occurs in the afternoons rather than mornings.  Do you find this to be true? 

Answer:  Yeah, most shops don't open until pretty late, especially on Monday.  That's not just in Antwerpen, it's all over Europe, but it is much more prevalent in Antwerpen for some reason.  Same thing with most business being done in the evening.  I know that in some cases it is because of the time difference between here and the states.  If they want to work with someone from the states then the best time is afternoon here, morning in the states.

Het Steen Castle, Antwerpen
picture from Wikimedia

Antwerpen Stadhuis
picture from Wikipedia

Antwerpen at dusk
picture from Pinterest

Antwerpen Centraal Station
picture from Wikimedia

Museum aan de Stroom
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