Monday, May 16, 2016

Confidence in the Lord

Guess who came to visit?
[So happy that Elder Lott's trainer, Elder Chantry was able to visit him during a trip back to the mission!]

Dag Iedereen!

So this week has been a really good one, with loads of miracles!  We received a few referrals this week, one from a member, a couple others from other sources and they have all turned out to be really positive!  A couple of them came to church this week and loved it!  This was one of the most spiritually led weeks of my mission as far as having the confidence and courage to be bold and say things with honest love for those who I was teaching/talking to.  Really trying to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.  It pays off.  I fear no man. I trust God and I feel like He trusts me. It is interesting that as I (and as I see others) try to act on spiritual promptings immediately and try to do things and love the way the Lord would do just how much power enters the work and the life of the individual acting.  Everything runs smoother, and the lives of those around that individual are blessed.   Super cool.

Got to go up to Amsterdam on Exchanges again this week, this time I worked with Elder Da Silva (from Portugal/Brussels, Belgium).  We also went on splits with the Gent Elders.

Dinner with Gent Elders/Sisters at end of day

Oh, and we got a new car!  The old one wasn't bad at all, they just needed another Belgian one, so that gave us a new one and gave the old one to the Brussels elders.  To get the car though we had to drive from Amsterdam to Gent, which because of traffic through the big cities ended up being a 3 hour drive.

Getting a new car (twins!)


I had been doing all the driving because Elder Sosa didn't have his license, but luckily it came in and the office couple gave it to him when we picked up the new car so I won't be doing all the driving anymore.  I really like working with Elder Sosa, I feel like we're friends and not just colleagues and that's always super nice, makes everything more fun. 


Elder Lott

Question of the Week:  Do you have any favorite hymns in Dutch?

Answer:  Favorite Dutch Hymns?  Well, I really like a few of them simply because they are only in Dutch and not in English.  Some of those would be 'Zullen wij elkaar ontmoeten' (Lofzang 62),  'Wat is het evangelie' (Lofzang 40).  I like other ones though because I like the Lyrics better in Dutch rather than English.  Some of those would be 'Meester, de stormwinden woeden' (Lofzang 71) [Master the Tempest is Raging] and 'Jezus, Redder van mijn ziel' (Lofzang 72) [Jesus, Lover of My Soul].

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