Monday, May 30, 2016

Goodbye Antwerpen


Well, after 6 wonderful months here in the beautiful city of Antwerpen my time here is coming to a close.  I'm going to miss this place.  Mostly for the people I've met, and because of the learning and growing experiences I've had.  There is even more sacred ground here in these two countries for me now.  The good news is though I'll get to come back really soon, and it will be easy.  I'm being transferred to Geel, Belgium! I'll go to church in the Turnhout Branch.  I'll be serving with Elder Waters as my companion.  It is going to be so much fun!  He is a wonderful young elder.  It is going to be a fantastic transfer!  

Antwerpen to Geel, Belgium

Elder Waters with Sister and President Bunnell

I don't have much to say right now, my mind is still going a billion miles an hour.  We had some amazing experiences this week.  We had the chance to help quite a few of our investigators set a goal of a baptismal date this week.  Also I don't know if I've mentioned her, but we have an investigator named Mxxx and her story keeps getting more and more miraculous every week.  She has found a special place in my heart.  I don't have the time or composure to put it in an email right now.  Maybe next week.  But  I'll send a lot of pictures!

Elder Sosa and Me

Bart Torfs and Me

Antwerpen Missionaries
Sister Lindsey, Sister Thomas, Elder Geeraert, Elder Sosa, Elder Howard, Elder Lott
Me at dinner with the Schiltz (Super nice couple) along with
 some recent converts here in Antwerpen.
 Ann (in front) and Ronaldo (to the right of me in picture)

Me and Julie

I love you guys!

-Elder Lott

ps  I don't have pictures with everyone yet, so more will be coming next week.

Question of the Week:  Are the flags covering the front of Stadhuis (City Hall) in Antwerpen flown all the time, or only for special occasions?

Answer: The flags of Belgium, Antwerpen, Flanders, and the European union are flown year round.  The ones with all the countries are flown between May 1st and October 1st.  I'm not sure why it's those dates but I do know that much.

Flags at Stadhuis Antwerpen
picture from Google

The Faith to Move Mountains
Gordon B. Hinckley
General Conference, October 2006

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