Monday, February 22, 2016

Zone Conference Craziness

Hey Everybody!

So this week was super good, a little scattered, but still super good!  We had zone conference this last week which is what caused so much of the craziness. It was originally supposed to be here in Antwerpen but less than 24 hours before it was supposed to start we found out that we wouldn't be able to use this building, so we had some quick phone calls to set up another place, and had to move zone conference to Eindhoven.  Which led to more phone calls and quick planning on getting all of the missionaries up from Belgium to the Netherlands on short notice to sleep over and be in conference the next day.  Fun stuff though, it was a great conference.  We talked a lot about the understanding and recognizing the spirit, chapter 4 in Preach My Gospel.  Super good.

Vicki F. Matsumori
October 2009 General Conference
Helping Others Recognize the Whisperings of the Spirit

Other than that we were able to meet with all of the people we needed to this week, even though we only had appointments for 1 of our investigators!  That was a super big miracle, just finding people home.  We were even able to find quite a few new ones along the way.  Axx is changing her baptismal date so that she can work around problems getting marriage papers.  Bxx is no longer on date until we can get a good start on stopping with smoking.  Fxx is going on vacation to Suriname.  Some of our other investigators that we've met with for a couple times now include:
- Kxx (Belgian lady who stopped me on the street)
 -Rxx (Belgian Guy) 
-Jxx (cool 18 year old kid from Africa somewhere) 
-Txx and Hxx (two super fun neighbors, one from Lebanon, one from Belgium
-Fam. Pxx (Italian Family we met door to door, this family is a miracle, our patience really payed off on this one. We had to wait nearly 3 weeks to teach them but they are super positive!)
-Axx (from Paraguay, studying here in Antwerpen)

and there are quite a few others but that is a taste.  It is so crazy, we really are seeing quite a bit of success here.  I'm loving it! The Lord is blessing us!

I love you all!

-Elder Hayden Lott

Question of the Week:  Are the Marion (Mary and Jesus) statues all the same, or different from street to street? 

Answer:  Yeah there a lots of those kinds of statues on street corners, not on every one and not all the same, but on quite a few for sure.  

Marion Statue on a street corner
picture from Wikipedia
These statues are featured on many of street corners in Antwerpen.

This was our p-day last week.
Tower/Cathedral in Mechelen

View from the Tower/Cathedral in Mechelen

Another View from the Tower/Cathedral in Mechelen

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