Monday, February 1, 2016

Transfer Week

Hey Everyone!

Haha first of all I'd like to say that from now until the end of my mission I'll repent and send more pictures.  I've realized I've gotton pretty lazy as far as that goes, and that's my bad.

For the first couple of days this week we ran around letting Elder Harrop say bye to investigators, members and everyone.  Then came transfer day, where I spent nearly a whole day sitting in the Antwerpen Train station directing everyone on where they needed to go, which train to get on, or not get on, haha that was pretty fun.  I spent too much time next to friet and waffle stands though and had probably too many.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before but when you go to a friet stand here in Belgium it's not just the classic fries and ketchup in America. The fries are super good and you have anywhere from 20 to 60 sauces to choose from.  You usely get them in either a 'puntzak' (paper cone) or a small tray.  Some of my favorite sauces are samurai sauce, Joppi sauce, andalouse sauce, or just classic mayonnaise.  I don't think I could ever go back to ketchup.

Frites with Mayonnaise
Transfer Day

More Transfer Day
Antwerpen Station (from one of the lower platforms)

Antwerpen Station (from the top)

Antwerpen Station Selfie

Anyways, so after everyone was where they needed to be and I had gotten Elder Reese, we went back to the apartment to drop his stuff off and then went to have an appointment with a less active.  That was a sad appointment, because even though he was a very nice man he is really struggling with his testimony.  He has fallen into one of the classic trends/excuses found here in Europe, deciding that religion is simply a human psychological need, and that to a point all religions are true, it is just different for everybody.  The religion that is true for you is simply the one that suits your psychological needs, and that in the end nothing really exists after we die.  So sad, because no matter what angle you take it at, it is still their agency to continue to focus more on their doubts than on experiences they've had that are very much not psychological, or other answers that help to overcome and point out the flaws in such obstacles. On Thursday though we met with another less active whose faith is really in a good place, but he just isn't coming to church because of some disagreements with some members, and some troubles with the particulars with some commandments, such as which teas are and aren't allowed with the Word of Wisdom.  He really does want to follow God though and do his best, so it was nice to meet with him; I'll really enjoy working with him.  

Come, Join with Us
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
General Conference, October 2013
As far as our investigators go, Axx, one of our baptismal dates, is really starting to do well.  We changed her date to the 28th of February so that we can make sure she is ready, but she is really starting to search for the truth and why she would be baptized into this church verses another so that is really good.  Our other Baptismal date, Bxx, is coming along well now too.  He has still got to quit smoking but he has been to sacrament meeting twice in a row now!  So good.  The rest of our investigators from before are either out of town or haven't had time lately with university exams being in the last couple weeks.  But since Elder Reese served here, he remembered some people he had taught when he was here and we've been looking them up.  It's been wonderful to see the way that the Lord gives these people a second chance at accepting the gospel.  Most all of the people we went to were open and willing to start up again. 

I love the Lord and being able to be an instrument in His hands where we do His work.


Elder Hayden Lott

Question of the Week: Are the cars in Europe manual or automatic transmission?

Answer:  Manual transition in cars does seem to be the norm here, even in newer cars.  I've been given a variety of reasons for that.  One is that it gives you a bit better gas mileage if you can do it right.  Another is that it gives you more control of the car.  There are probably other reasons as well.  Our car that we drive as missionaries is an automatic. 

Elder Harrop and Me in the Car

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