Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hard Work Brings Miracles

Hey everybody!  Happy Valentines Yesterday!

So this week has been pretty great.  It has been one of the most successful weeks numbers wise on my mission.  We were able to teach a ton of lessons, and were able to get 7 new investigators! Super cool!  We saw miracles this week from talking with everyone that we saw and just being willing to go out for hours at a time and just work.  We have a good mix of Belgian, African, Middle Eastern, and South American investigators now.  Can I just say though that I love teaching about Christ and the restoration.  For the honest listener and truth seeker, it just makes sense when the spirit comes into the room.   We had to drop Bxx from date because we haven't had contact with him all week, and he's had trouble with smoking still.  We'll have to move Axx's date; she and her boyfriend still need to get married before she can get baptized, but they are working on it.  They had been even before we started teaching her.  It's just funny stuff with paperwork holding them back, but their lawyer thinks they are close.  Fxx is still good for his May baptismal date.


Nice Church Behind a Neighborhood

[Mom note:  This picture is probably in response to a musing I had about whether Antwerpen had any skyscrapers or modern architecture, or if it was all ancient buildings.]
Well....  Antwerpen and Belgium isn't all cool old buildings, they do have some flats and skyscrapers.  

This week we had a wide variety of etenafpraken (meal appointments), ranging from the classic Dutch Boterham (single slice of bread, butter and one topping sandwiches) which was super good, all the way to African Fufu.  Super cool to see and experience such diversity! 


FuFu Party!

I love the Lord and His gospel.  I have a strong testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Lord truly is loving, because after centuries of confusion, just as He has before He prepared the way for His gospel to be restored through a young man, Joseph Smith, who had honest questions about how he could come closer to God and which church would bring him to that knowledge and truth.  In answer to his prayer, God our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ truly did come to him, and answer his prayer personally, that no church had the complete truth or authority.  They also gave him direction, (because he was willing to act on his answer if I might add) that he would be called as prophet to restore the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  To top it all off the Lord has given us a way to know that Jesus truly is the Christ, our savior and redeemer, and what His true doctrine and gospel is. Also to know that Joseph Smith truly was His chosen servant to help restore His church and gospel on the earth.  That way is the Book of Mormon.  It has had a greater influence on my life for good, and for Faith in Christ and His Atonement than any other thing that has come into my life. I know that Jesus is the Christ, my personal Savior and redeemer, and that He is so for everyone else as well.  The Book of Mormon is true and testifies of Him.  That is my testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Joseph Smith's First Vision
Restoration of the Gospel

Love you all!

Elder Hayden Lott

Question of the Week:  Is Valentine's Day celebrated in Europe?

Answer:  Yes, they do celebrate Valentines day here. It's about the same as in the states.  The ward here in Antwerpen put on a Valentines dinner for couples from the ward to come.  Funny enough they told us we couldn't come, haha imagine that.

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