Monday, February 29, 2016

Exchanges in Amsterdam

Hey everybody!

So this week has been pretty good.  Just like every week on a mission I guess.  No wait that's wrong.  Every week is amazing!  This week stayed pretty normal until the end but I'll get to that.  We got to go to the Leuven District meeting this week, which is always super fun.  Afterwards we went with them to sing old Dutch and Flemish songs at a retirement home.  That was super fun.  Then on Thursday we had exchanges with the AP's, all the way up in Amsterdam.  That was super fun because I got to work with one of my long time mission friends, Elder Bonner (from Arizona).  

Mission AP's, Elder Bonner and Elder Hirsch
picture from Mission Blog  

We had a pretty successful day, finding a few new people for them to teach. Then that night I got to drive through the super narrow, canal filled, gorgeous Amsterdam streets.  I wish I had gotten a video, that was a cool experience.  If I didn't know I was in Europe before, I sure did then. I love serving the Lord and His children.  It just adds to the experience getting to do it in two countries that are so unique and beautiful!  

Amsterdam Canal at Night
picture from Google

Amsterdam City Lights
picture from Google

Then this weekend we had a little less success than we did last week getting in contact with people.  So we went finding and had some adventures.  We got let in by a super loving Islamic family who listened to our message and shared some ideas from their own beliefs.  They wanted us to stay for a meal with them but we had to go, so he got our number and wants to set up a time we can go back and share a meal with them.  Probably won't go anywhere but they were super nice.  I have really come to appreciate the family centered aspect of the Islamic faith on my mission.  Nearly all of the people I have met on my mission who are Muslim really do love and take care of their families.  Just goes to show that large parts of truth can be found in just about any religion.  It makes me even more glad to know that the complete and whole truth is restored here to the earth, and is to be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We did get to go back to Txx and Hxx's this week. (Two neighbors that are super chill with each other)  We were able to tell Txx a little bit about Primary because she is looking for a way to teach her little girls morals, and standards, and self worth.  Where better than Primary and later Young Women's?  Axx has a new baptismal date for May 1st just to give her time to get through legal stuff.  

For the Strength of Youth

We're going to play Soccer today for P-day as a zone.  Should be super fun!

Love you guys!

-Elder Hayden Lott

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