Monday, December 7, 2015

Sinterklaas Week

Hey Everybody!

So this week was a wild one, filled with exchanges, support days, and Sinterklaas festivities.  With Sinterklaas it was actually not as big of a deal as last year.  We worked the whole day through, the Sisters had a baptism here in Breda, the Bishops family fed us dinner, and we even had investigators schedule appointments with us for Sinterklaas evening so we didn't celebrate it too much.  We did have plenty of ward members and investigators and other people give us treats and stuff though, so it still felt a little like Sinterklaas.  Other than that, we spent Wednesday and Thursday on exchanges with the Elders from Vlissingen, getting them some extra help and then Friday afternoon on a Sister support day in Tilburg.  (For those who think we're apostate, we're not. Although that's not commonly done in other missions, it's done in this one between mission leaders and the sisters in their district or zone so that we can get a better feel for how they are doing and help train them.)

We had some people come to church this week that we were really happy to see.  So that was a blessing.  Other than that, I have been studying on Faith in Jesus Christ this week.  I had a nice reminder that part of Faith in Jesus Christ is having faith that He unconditionally loves and seeks to help us; it isn't just when we do perfect, in fact it's quite opposite.  We actually stand in need of His love most when we are weak or when we fall, and if we put our faith in Him into practice He will strengthen and support us.

Finding Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
Robert D. Hales
October 2004 General Conference

Love you all!

-Elder Hayden Lott

Question of the Week:  Have you been able to enjoy any of the Sinterklaas/Zwarte Piet festivities this year?
Answered above :)

Windmill in Raamsdonksveer

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