Monday, December 21, 2015

Back in Belgium

Hey Everybody!

So I don't have to much time today, so I'll be keeping things pretty short.  Belgium is of course, as experience has proved, awesome!  Antwerpen is super cool as well; it's the first big city I've served in since being in Rotterdam, and I love the feel of a big city.  As crazy and chaotic as it is, I love it.  Life as a zone leader is very different.  We've spent most of the week planning for this transfer, just trainings and points of focus.  But it's been good.  Also traveling all over the mission to get the things and experience we need to give those trainings.  Super cool.  

Antwerp Christmas Market
picture from Google
Grote Market (Market Square), Antwerp
picture from Google
New Companion is Elder Harrop
picture from President and Sister Robinson Mission blog

I love Belgium.  So much.


Elder Hayden Lott

Question of the Week:  I read this about Belgium:  'Many people remain in the town in which they were raised, which creates close extended families.'  Have you found that to be true?

Answer:  From the people that I've met there are quite a few people that stay in the same city they grew up in.  Or at least go back to live there when they can.  People are also very loyal to the city that they grow up in.  Like here in Antwerpen, they have a saying here that says: Antwerpen is The City, the rest is parking.  Haha eveyone here says it's a joke but there is some pride that goes into it :)

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