Monday, December 28, 2015

Belgian Christmas

Hey Everybody!

So it was another great week here in Belgium.  Exchanges packed the first part of the week.  I got to go to Leuven with Elder van den Dungen Bille (crazy dutch name right, although he isn't from here, but from Arizona).  I saw lots of people from the ward there which was a treat and we had a pretty successful day.  Then exchanges with Genk where I stayed here with Elder Ocampo (from Texas).  That was also good.  Then we spent the 3 days of Christmas (Christmas eve, Christmas day, and second Christmas) going around with the Antwerpen Elders to various people to hand out cookies and carol a little bit.  Then Sunday and here.  Good week.  I am really enjoying life right now, even how hectic it is. 

In the last couple weeks it has been such a wonderful experience for me taking the sacrament.  Not because I've done anything blatantly bad, but because I have focused on preparing to do so on Sunday morning.  Really sitting down and thinking about the covenant I am going to renew to follow God and take the name of Christ upon me.  Thinking about what I've done well, and what I can do better, as well as things I didn't do well at all or screwed up.  The difference has been extreme, you can truly feel of the cleansing and enabling power of the atonement and the refining power of the spirit.  Peace can be found in this life no matter how hard it is as we draw closer to Christ, and realize that if we do our best, our future is already secure and bright no matter how bad it is right now.

Sacrament Meeting and the Sacrament
Dallin H. Oaks
October 2008 General Conference

I love you all!

-Elder Hayden Lott

Question of the Week:  Cynthia asked if the Europeans really do use the metric system or not.  I told her I thought that celsius was used instead of fahrenheit, but we were wondering if recipes, shoe sizes and driving distances are really metric or not.

Answer: Yes, everything really is in the metric system.  They use milliliters and liters, kilometers, and everything else metric.  They even count time here using a 24 hour clock, I don't know if that's metric or military but that's also something different.

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