Monday, September 28, 2015

Rotating Door

Goede Dag Iedereen!
[Good Day Everyone!]

Well this week has been a really fantastic week.  We spent quite a bit of it traveling (again :p) but the rest was really quite great.  Traveling this week was dedicated to getting me my Belgian Drivers license, so that was pretty fun.  I always love that chance to go back down to Belgium.  The reason this week was so great was because we were able for the rest of the time to hit it hard, really focusing on doing the work and in the way the Lord wanted us to do it.  Glad we were able to do that because one of us is on our way out.  That would be Elder Higham, he is being transfered up to Heerenveen in the Netherlands.  I will be getting ANOTHER greeny!  So I will find out on Wednesday who I am training. That is super exciting.  Training is a lot of fun, and I've been doing it the last 4 transfers (3 finishing up, and one greeny of my own) so why not keep going!  It's fun working around young missionaries, most of them have fire and it just needs to be directed and refined.  It helps me grow a ton as well, forcing me to be thinking about what I can do to be the best example for the young missionary I can be. It forces me to progress or give up.   Also my ability to see things more for what they are, being able to discern between good and bad.   Haha, it's also taught me quite a bit of patience.  I'm ready and excited to teach and learn from another new missionary.

I love you all and hope you have a good week!


-Elder Hayden L. Lott

Question of the Week:  We see quite a few pictures of water in Breda.  Is it just from the canals, or are there polders that far inland?

Answer: The water you see is canals, it is super pretty, but really only around the centrum.

Breda Harbour in Old Town Breda
image from Google
Park Valkenberg in Breda
image from Google
Boats on Canal in Breda
image from Google
Breda Canal
image from Google
Breda at Night
image from Google
Kasteel van Breda
image from Google
Blokhuis, part of Kasteel van Breda
image from Google
Spanjaardsgat (Spanish Water Gate)
image from Google
Castle Bouvigne
image from Google

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