Monday, September 21, 2015

Crazier Than Normal

Hey guys!

So this week was fun, crazier than normal.  The first half of the week was normal.  Had some really nice appointments with investigators and all.  It was also Hands to Serve Week across the mission so we had a service project nearly every day.  Then craziness happened. President Bunnell called for an emergency transfer.  So we are now in Breda.  So we spent a couple days transferring and figuring all that out.  

Harbor of Breda
image from wikipedia

Hands to Serve Week
picture from Zuster Emilee Bush blog
Elder Lott is on the end left in blue t-shirt

I also had my first chance to do a baptismal interview this last week.  That was super cool, super spiritual.  

Anyways, that was our week. I've got to go, love you guys!


-Elder Hayden L. Lott

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