Monday, July 27, 2015

Roll' Brugge

Hey Everybody!

It has been a fantastic week this week.  Capped off with the news in all the emails I got this week!  But I'll live in the here and now, which is in Brugge, Belgium.  [Parent note:  Our family had a number of exciting things happening this past week, and we sent long emails and pictures of the events to Elder Lott.  His father also reminded him that although there were many things happening here at home that he would like to have been part of, he should remain focused on his mission.  He included this talk:  Randall L Ridd, April 2014 General Conference, "The Choice Generation", which included this advice: “Be where you are when you are there.”]


Bell Tower
I was in these clothes because we were getting back from the beach on P-day.  So don't judge ;)

Town Market Bell Tower

This has been a wonderful week as far as seeing the Lord's hand in our work. We have seen more success in finding new investigators which is good, but what has been amazing to me is the evidence of gift of tongues this past week. After the past Zone training and district meeting I have put a new emphasis on language study, both during the hour and throughout the day and the results are remarkable, and surprisingly instant. Among the miracles I have seen this week, one stands out above the others in the the regard to gift of tongues. We had the chance of being let in off of the door this week to middle aged couple and their grandchildren. After some quick introductions and getting to know each other, we were able to turn the conversation to a point where we were able to present the message of the Restoration. The spirit was strong, and my mind clear, as words fell out of my mouth in probably the purist Dutch I have ever spoken. When we got to Joseph Smith's vision, I was reminded of President Bunnell making us promise to recite the First Vision slowly, with it being such a sacred a testifying account.  So as I began I slowed down, emphasizing each word. The spirit was so strong and you could tell that they were touched as they listened intently. They accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon, and even though they turned down a baptismal invitation twice, we left truly happy for what had just happened. We'll be going back in a couple of weeks.  

Article of Faith #7

Sadly though, we have had to push back the baptismal date of a couple of our investigators, different reasons for both.  With Sxxx it is simply because he needs to get to church! His boss has him work on Sunday, so we committed him to fast and pray that he would be able to get Sundays off on a regular basis. With Kxxx though, things are not looking very good.  We think he is slowly dropping us and it is sad, especially for someone who has such a strong desire to follow Jesus Christ!

It really was a great week.

I love you all!

-Elder Lott

Question of the Week:  Have you had a chance to go the chocolate factory that we keep hearing about in Belgium?

Answer:   I haven't had a chance to go to that museum yet, but I think we will be going to the Belgian Frite museum sometime that is here in Brugge.

Elder Groesbeck and Elder Lott
Taking a break during one of the few sunny days this past week.

Calling People During Weekly Planning  :)

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