Monday, May 4, 2015

Triple Trios

Hey all!

It has been a pretty good week this week.  Konigsdag went really well.  We gave away over 20 Book of Mormons and got a handful of potential investigators.  Me and another Elder had one stretch where we talked with people for an hour straight and gave out 8 Books of Mormon.  That was really fun.  Konigsdag was a blast!  It was pretty much as expected, with lots of people dressed in orange, and everybody having a giant garage sale lining all the streets.  Even though we worked pretty much the whole day, I did take a lunch break and some scattered other minutes to walk around and enjoy the festivities.  I ended up getting an orange hat to wear because I realized in the morning I didn't have an orange tie and I didn't want to be out of all the fun ;) The market was open on Konigsdag so there was tons of food and music to go along with everything. I got a bag or two of churros, a ton of fresh raspberries, frites, and some coconut ice cream for lunch.

Koningday Selfie with Almere resident
picture from Facebook

I am healing pretty well from my bike crash, and with no infection so far, so I think I should be clear of that worry.  

As to the title of my email says: 'Triple Trios'.  This is because I'm going to be in my third trio of the mission!  In Almere we have two sets of Elders, the Stad (city) Elders and the Buiten (outside) Elders.  One of the Stad Elders, Elder Smith, is getting called to be in a group called the 'singing elders' in our mission.  They are a group that goes around the mission visiting members homes and doing firesides to generate referrals for the rest of the mission.  It is working really well, in large part because this group is REALLY good.  They preformed last Sunday for our ward, and for a couple of families in our ward, and will be preforming again this upcoming Saturday for our stake.  Really excited for that, both to hear them and for the referals that will hopefully come in.  Elder Smith is being pulled out mid-transfer so that he can shadow one of the other Elders  who is going home soon so that he can replace him.  So his companion, Elder Brown, is companions with me and Elder Solomon now.  Elder Brown is on his second to last transfer, and is from Logan, Utah.  He is a very relaxed, easy going guy, which is cool. He will be my 9th companion on the mission in 9 months.  So my streak of one companion per month continues thanks to my many trios.  I am going for a record at this point or something ;) I have really enjoyed having so many companions so far. (Shout out to Elders Cook, Chantry, Johnson, Lovin, Cockbain, Denny, and Besendorfer.)  I have learned an important lesson or lessons from each one and I see no reason that won't continue.

Elder Brown
Picture from Mission Blog

Sunday Selfie - picture from Facebook
Elder Lott on the far right
Elder Rozendall in white shirt (former Belgium/Netherlands missionary)
Elder Solomon in black suit in the center
Elder Brown in back row, left

I heard that the Leuven ward temple trip went through, thanks for telling me a little about it.  I'm so happy for Sister X and Nxx!

Work is looking good here and we should be doing a lot of teaching now that we are going to combine teaching pools with the Stad Elders.

It will be fun these next couple of weeks.  We've talked about it already, and we're going to be living out of 2 apartments. We'll just sleep, eat, and study at whatever apartment is closest to where we will be working that day.  I guess you could say we'll be living a luxury missionary life for the next month until transfers and they get us back up to 4 missionaries ;)

5th Article of Faith


-Elder Lott

Question of the Week:  All the buildings look so modern in Almere.  Are there any windmills, or do they pump the water some other way?

Answer:  Yes the building are very modern, this city is only 40 years old because it is built on land reclaimed from the sea.  It leads to some cool things (street names and architecture) because they could plan out an entire city years ahead, knowing the land would be available.  There are windmills you could say, but just the modern kind.  Still really cool though.  There are some classic photos of the Netherlands waiting to be taken here, with big open green fields and cows and trains, and all.  Very cool.  Sorry, I will get photos next week!

Almere Windmills:  Image from Google

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