Monday, May 18, 2015

Miracles in Den Haag

Hey all!

This week was really good.  We had a zone conference in Zoetemeer that was fantastic, getting to hear from President and Sister Robinson, the singing Elders again, and watching a documentary film on the Book of Mormon.  I have been really impressed this week with the Book of Mormon; I have in a way kind of rediscovered it, you could say.  I have begun to read it again in English this time, and I am going through more quickly, just trying to understand how all the civilizations fit in together more with each other. But in my attempt to go through quickly, I find it difficult not to stop and simply drink deeply from the many testimonies and fruits of the gospel that can be found in the Book of Mormon.  It truly is a book that is inspired by God.  Brought forth in our day for our welfare and guidance, to bring us to a pure knowledge that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Lamb of God, the Only Begotten, and how we can follow Him.

Following in His Footsteps

I was on exchanges this week in Den Haag with Elder Bernier and we had a fantastic time!  We had some real miracles with lessons, and with finding people.  We spoke to probably the most prepared native Dutch person I have ever met, which was a real answer to my prayers, even though it was not in my area.

I love you all so much!


-Elder Hayden L. Lott

Question of the Week:  Are there many businesses in Almere, or is it mostly residential with people commuting to other cities for work?

Answer: Yeah, there are a lot of businesses in Almere so lots of people do stay here to work.  But a lot of people do commute to Amsterdam and other places in the Netherlands to work.

Cereal wall in Hillversum Apartment

Forest in Hillversum
Almere Buiten Apartment

View from Almere Apartment

Elder Lott in Amsterdam

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