Monday, May 25, 2015

Down to 2

Hey all!

So this week has been more of the same, just kind of dragging trying to scrape out any success that we could find, learning lessons along the way of course, but still kinda rough.  Good news is that changes are coming here in Almere to kind of mix things up, which should be a good thing!  In the aftermath of transfers in which 8 or 9 cities were closed to prepare for the big group of 30 missinaries leaving this next transfer, the dust has settled as there will only be two missionaries in Almere now.  I will be staying and getting Elder Wootan. I actually already know him a little bit from zone conference this last month. If I remember correctly he's from New York, New York which is super cool, and this upcoming transfer will be his 4th.  Cool stuff.  Elder Solomon is headed to Henglo, Netherlands.  Elder Brown in going down to Antwerpen, Belgium.

Elder Lott in an Orange Hat
(We are so grateful for members who share pictures!)

Try not to laugh, Elder Lott!

Elder Lott's new companion, Elder Wootan

Something I've learned this week is that the only kind of change that will stick in a person, whether ourselves or someone else, is one that is changed because of love.  We truly change when we allow the Savior's love and grace to be our guide and cause.  Others can be changed when we show our love, and allow them to feel the love of the Savior as well.  Force, fear, bribe, and any other means only bring about temporary change in people, therefore let us show love.  Being the light the Savior needs us to be, radiating His love, and changing lives in the process.

Followers of Christ - Dallin H. OaksApril
 2013 General Conference Talk

I love you all!

-Elder Hayden L. Lott

Question of the Week:  There are many pictures of apartment style housing in Almere.  Are there any single family homes, or it is all urban high density living?

Answer: Much of the housing in Almere is apartment style housing, and even when it is not the houses are literally right next to each other, no space at all; I'll have to get some photos.  There is not one inch of wasted space in this country.

Almere Dyke

Almere-Staad Apartment (Elder Solomon and Elder Brown)

My Glass Box Study Room
(Elder Lott told us during video call that he loves to spend his study time in here.)

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