Monday, March 2, 2015

Staying Here in Leuven

Hey all!

So by the title of my letter you all know that I'm staying here in Leuven, and Elder Besendorfer is staying as well.  Which is awesome, I'm so excited, for a few reasons actually.  The first being that hopefully we will be able to continue to see success and reap the rewards of our labors by getting a baptism this transfer, bring even one soul unto Christ.  The second being that I'm glad the commotion has finally stopped for me, this will be the first time on my mission I keep both an area and a companion.  That is nice, it will give some stability for at least the next 3 weeks.  That's funny though because as of Wednesday, Elder Besendorfer will be my longest tenured companion.  It seems so short though, I guess time really does fly when you're having fun.  I'm pretty glad, we've turned out to be pretty good friends and it's always nice to work with a friend.  The work is always so much more fun when you are friends with your companion. Another nice thing about staying will be that I will get to see Leuven in the spring.  I will know it for more than a cold, dark, brown place!  Although even then it is still pretty.

Leuven Town Hall
picture is from Wikipedia

This week has been pretty good.  Had some trouble getting appointments with people, but all is well.  Something really cool was that on this last Tuesday Elder Besendorfer and I got interviewed randomly for a TV show.  They said if they use us, it won't air until next year because that is what they are filming for, but that was super cool.  We pretty much gave a lesson on the restoration of the gospel to answer their questions about us and the church.  Then they tried to pry into Elder Besendorfer's personal life by getting him to talk about his girlfriend and tried to turn that into a drama that he doesn't get to see her for two years.  What funny TV people!  He played it off pretty well though, and we were able to force the subject back to the church and our beliefs so we won in the end. ;)  We had zone conference this past week as well, and we got to hear some really good things from President and Sister Robinson as well as the AP's.  At the end they showed us 'Meet the Mormons', the film that came out this summer, as a sort of treat and I guess so we will know more when people talk about it.

Meet the Mormons Movie Trailer

We were able to see progression this week with a few of our investigators!  One in particular was very pleasing to see, and see the miracles that came from it.  We have been working with a less active member for a couple of months now, from after a couple weeks since I've been here actually, and her husband and son who are not members.  She has now been re-activated, and our work with her husband and son is paying off also. They came to church on Sunday!  More blessings came from this, because they are both from South America and speak Spanish, and on this Sunday out of the blue two other families we have been trying to work with but haven't been able to yet, came.  The only other two Spanish speaking families in the ward! Wow, that could not have been more perfect.  We are seeing success as well, with other part member families.  We didn't have a chance to meet with Wxxx, our Ghanian friend, this week but he called us and very much wants to meet again, so we'll be doing so this week.

I love the Lord, this is His Gospel.

Love you all!

-Elder Hayden L. Lott

Question of the Week:  Do you see many IMAX theaters like we have everywhere here in the US, or do people mostly just attend live theatre, rather than cinema movies?
Answer:  I don't know about IMAX theaters but they have plenty of normal movie theaters here, just like in the states.  Live theaters again, about the same as in the states.

ps   Not really any pictures this week, I took mostly pictures with people and I ended up not getting transferred so they would be weird to give now.  Oh! I got the Valentine's thing from Sister Tanner and the Primary Kids/Young Men and Women. Thanks so much!  Also shout out to my younger brother: he and Bountiful High won the state title in basketball, and it is his birthday this week!

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