Monday, June 13, 2016

Christlike Attributes+Pure Desire/Action=Character=Greatness

[Flag says 'Geel - You get there, You stay there']


So this week was super hot and humid.  We still went out and worked hard though and saw some cool miracles.  We had prayed to know where we needed to go and felt like we should go to a street in the city of Mol.  There we met a wonderful lady from Suriname who is looking for answers about why so many people don't follow God and all the confusion in the world.  We were able to share a little bit with her, give her a Book of Mormon so that was good.  Loving just going out and doing the Lord's work every day.

Learned a lot from the priesthood lesson this week.  A good indicator of true greatness is character.  I feel like Christ's character helped him stay focused on the things he had been sent to do, and that drove him through to do them in all diligence.  I hope to follow in His example, and invite everyone else to do so as well!

Developing Christlike Attributes
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
October 2008 Liahona


Elder Lott 

Question of the Week: There is a Reggae Music Festival the first weekend of August in Geel.  Leuven has Jazz.  Do you hear reggae or other kinds of music in the centrum or other places around Geel?

Answer:  Yeah we hear quite a bit of music, not necessarily just reggae, but lots of kinds.  We actually pass by a music school pretty often on our way to different places throughout the day and there is always something going on in there. 

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In Antwerpen

In Antwerpen

Me + Church in Geel
[St. Dymphna Church]

Belgian Pastries

More Belgian Pastries

Geel, Belgie
Pretty view from an apartment here.

Hot Day in Antwerpen
Elder Waters, Elder Lott

Deep Fryer Hard at Work
Yeah,  I might put on a few pounds in the next month.......

Strawberry Vending Machine

My Favorite Shawarma Shop in Antwerpen

Haha, Got Lost in the Forest

Lunch in Herentals

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