Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Weekend

Old Town in Belgium

Old Building in Belgium

Belgian Countryside

Old Town Selfie

Hoi Jullie!  [Hey You!]

In in wake of last week, this week seemed to fit so nicely into place.  Hearing the voices of the Prophet and Apostles and other church leaders puts the stamp on feelings of peace and direction recieved by the spirit, thanks to prayer and the atonement of Jesus Christ.  A shout out goes to those wonderful members who let us into their homes to watch conference!

General Conference, April 2016
Click here for a link to all talks.

This week continued to be a week of sharing the goodness and hope of God, and His son Jesus Christ.  Though horrific, the attacks in Brussels have opened a door to Belgian's hearts as they recognize that we too, in some small way also know the pain they are going through, and they see the ever present and residing peace we have as we find our way through it.  We were able to have meaningful conversations this week with so many people about Jesus Christ, His plan, and the peace a knowledge of those things brings.  While most were still hesitant to take a next step and accept an invitation to learn more, some have taken that step, and it is humbling to see.

It has even opened the hearts of most of our previous investigators.  Many send their hearts and prayers to those who have been affected by the attacks, and said they thought of us when they heard about our friends.

Among the chances to talk with people and teach about Jesus Christ, we also got to go on exchanges with the Sint-Niklaas Elders this week.  (Elder De Witt and Bruneau).  We also got to go up to MLC and council about the new mission vision and other things.  Super fun.

I love you all and hope that you are doing well!

-Elder Hayden Lott 

Car Selfie
Elder Lott, Elder Geeraert, Elder Hill, Elder Reese

Found this on the way back from MLC

 Flower Selfie
[Mom note:  I would love to know if the scent from
that many hyacinth blooms was as wonderful
as I imagine it to be!]

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