Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey Everyone!

Well sadly enough, there is not much to report this week, with most of what was learned simply being patient or too personal to share.  Poor Elder Besendorfer was really sick for most of the week so we had to stay inside while he had that and recovered.  This allowed for plenty of time for me to study, ponder, and pray.  Which was great, but after just a day or two I swear I had cabin fever or something, I was going crazy! Even with this it was good though, it allowed me to gather my thoughts for General Conference.  Wow, what an amazing conference!  I had so many questions answered during that time and I love just feeling the spirit that comes when the gospel is taught.  We still haven't had a chance to listen to all the sessions, but we should after tonight.

Something exciting though is that we are having a baptism on Sunday!  Mxx, what an awesome young kid, he cracks me up.  We've been going over to his and his family's house for awhile now.  It's been cool getting to know and have fun with Mxx's two older brothers as well.  This will be a great experience for them all, as well as for the ward.

I would invite all of you to continue to review, and study from conference.  The real learning comes not from simply listening during conference but in truly studying and applying the messages after conference.

We'll find out this Sunday what all is happening with transfers so I'll give you guys at least that little warning ahead of time.

I am super excited for temple conference coming up this week! We'll get to take a trip up the the Netherlands for a day or two for it because we live so far and travel is weird.

I love you all so much!

-Elder Hayden L. Lott

Question of the Week:  With all the churches in Leuven, do you ever hear church bells ringing, or are the bell towers left unused now?

Answer:  Yeah, we hear the bells ringing from the churches quite often, on the hour, and each with their own little tune.

Gent Castle
Castle of the Counts

  Gravensteen Castle in Gent

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