Monday, February 9, 2015

New Life, Direction

Hey Everyone!

It's been another good week in the Netherlands even though the work has seemed to hit a wall this week.  I can really relate to the last comment Dad made on his email this week how everyone gets sick after exams in college.  With Leuven being a student city, and beginning of semester exams having finished up this last week it seems like everyone in the city got sick, except for me!  Most of our investigators and dinner appointments dropped this week because they were sick, which is ok because Elder Besendorfer was also sick for most of the week so we had to stay inside.  It was fine, he really was sick and needed to rest but it seemed like I was being tormented when the sun made it clearly out from behind the clouds and was shining and warming things up for the first time in over 2 months!  That's ok, I found a way to still enjoy it by hopping out of our bedroom window and onto the roof to soak in some rays and breath some fresh air.

This time I spent in the apartment also has become very special to me.  With nothing else to do all day for nearly 3 days I started out by simply studying, but I soon felt prompted to take to time to get down on my knees and really ask the Lord how I should be using this time.  I felt prompted that I needed to lay out a more specific vision for myself, both for the mission and the person I want to become from it.  So, I went to work.  I won't lay out everything because it has become sacred to me, but I will say that I felt as though I was having a personal interview with the Lord.  With Him lettting me know what I am doing well, what I am not doing and/or need to do better, and the direction I need to take.

A Personal Relationship with the Savior
James E. Faust
Conference Talk, October 1976

I love the Lord, this is His church.

Love you guys!

-Elder Hayden L. Lott

Question of the Week:
What language are the traffic signs, advertisements, and store signs in?  Flemish, Dutch, French, English or a mix?

Traffic signs are in the language of wherever we are at, so Flemmish here in Belgium and Dutch in the Netherlands, although for the most part all traffic signs are just pictures if they can get away with it.  Advertisements are pretty much all in English (here or in the Netherlands), with a few Dutch, French or Turkish adverstisements here or there.  In Brussles everything is in French and Dutch, everything...  A large part of all the English though is because of the wide variety of people who live here, as well as the French and Flemmish sides are unwilling sometimes to speak each others language, and English is a middle ground.

Road Sign and Billboard in Belgium

Billboard in The Hauge, Netherlands

Posters that advertise the Dutch Literature Festival 
The carved faces are the Dutch authors of books featured in the
Dutch Literature Festival
Road Sign in Netherlands

Dutch Nutella Advertisment

Parking Signs in the Netherlands

Bike Path Signs in Netherlands

Even grazing sheep are used to advertise in the Netherlands!

Road Signs in the Netherlands

Sign outside of village in the Netherlands

3 sided billboard outside of
Schipol Airport in the Netherlands

Another 3 sided billboard outside of
Schipol Airport in the Netherlands

Common Bike Path Signs in the Netherlands

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