Monday, February 16, 2015

In Reality.......

Hey all!

This week has flown by, time in general has started to fly by.  February is already more than half over... that's crazy but oh well.  This week has been a good one, although I've got to say that it sure didn't feel like it a lot of the time.  Everywhere we went we were late, sometimes our fault, most of the time not.  As a result we saw some real miracles in finding people, which is always awesome but it is always difficult in the moment to see the blessings that will or could come of it.  One of these blessings is that we found a super happy young mom with her kids and she was actually super willing to meet with us, so we get to teach a family! Ya! That will be a first for my mission so far.  

Another first that happened this week was my first planned time teaching the law of chastity to someone for their first time.  It was actually kind of fun because of how awkward it made things, especially when you ask questions at the end of the lesson to check for understanding.  For how open, blatant, accepted, and even expected things of that nature are here in Belgium and the Netherlands, (and I'm sure the rest of Europe) it's funny how uncomfortable it still makes people to talk about it. Even people you talk to that deny it at first or pride in it, all eventually get a shameful or sheepish look on their face when you bluntly talk to them about it.  It just goes to show that deep down, everyone knows to some degree that "the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife."  (The Family: A Proclamation to the World)  

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Also this week and actually in weeks past, Elder Besendorfer and I have had some good conversations about teaching with the spirit, and why using the scriptures and being simple in teaching are so important.  From those conversations and personal study, I've made quite a few conclusions.  The Holy Ghost is the ultimate tesifier of truth, he can testify with power and confidence and peace of TRUTH, but that's the key.  He can only testify of truth.  The scriptures are Gods word. He has said that whether it is from my voice or the voice of my prophets, it is the same.  This is why scriptures are powerful. They are Gods word, which is pure truth, giving the spirit unhindered access to testify of truth. 

Elder D. Todd Christofferson
The Blessing of Scripture
April 2010 General Conference

As for simplicity in teaching, it is the same.  The more simply we teach, the better chance we actually have of only speaking truth, and not trying to slip in something of ourselves, or our own ideas which may be good but in the end, imperfect.  Therefore, we are actually hindering the abilitly of the spirit to testify that what we are teaching is truth if we teach complexly, because there is a great chance when we make things complicated that we err in some small way and the spirit cannot lie and testify of anything less than the truth, and where it would be possible for someone to mistake the un-truth as truth.  Scriptures are perfect, testimonies are simple and powerful.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Acting on the Truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Love you all!

Elder Hayden L. Lott

[Elder Lott did not send pictures this week, or answer the question of the week, but we did find a picture of him at the latest Zone Conference.  Hooray!]

Zone Meeting, January 2015
Elder Lott is in the grey suit with purple tie, behind the group of Sisters on the left side.

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