Monday, January 19, 2015

Work is Fun, Unexpected Change

Hey all!

So I guess to start out I'll say that this week has been fantastic!  I am completely just wasted, but super happy!  I guess I'll just jump into it. Going into this week, me and Elder Denny decided to set some goals to push ourselves even further then we have been doing and see how many meaningful lessons we could have, how many people we could talk to and basically how hard we can work.  Let me say, I thought that I knew what President Hanks and the Stake Presidency were talking about when they gave me advice to work hard on my mission, even so hard that every night I go to bed and just hit the pillow, and before I know it it's morning again, but now my understanding has more background.  Yet even with this, I am as happy as I ever have been. Still no one with a baptisimal date, but we are seeing success.  We have had some super spiritual lessons this week, most especially with one of our investigators named Ixxx. He didn't take things seriously for the longest time, and we were considering dropping him, but he has now decided that he wants to gain a testimony strong enough to cover his adversity and start progressing towards baptism!  Wow, what an amazing week. I will give credit for the happiness that I feel right now to my Heavenly Father. Even though those on the outside might say we are having a rough time, having to work very hard for everything, what truly makes a missionary successful and what I have a testimony of now is our commitment to help others, both close to us and halfway around the world, receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and the fruits there of.  With this desire our love becomes pure, as do our fruits, and we gain a happiness that at this point in our lives cannot be gained another way.

With this, the unexpected change is that Elder Denny is getting transferred.  I am staying here in Leuven and am getting Elder Besendorfer as a companion. I guess the companion exchange is still on a high rotation point for me.  Seeing as this will now make it 6 companions in 6 months for me.  I have learned important lessons though from each of my companions though so that is good.  It is super sad I won't be able work with Elder Denny any more, we were just hitting our stride together, but it will be great working with Elder Besendorfer.

One other thought for this week comes from a talk this week given by an older lady in our ward.  She talked about the importance of scripture study and the talk in and of itself was great.  But at the end she bore a powerful testimony, in which she shared the she has been a member for 35 years, baptized when she was a young mother with her husband.  She had always had a testimony, but it has only been in the last 2 years she has studied her scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon.  From her experience she has learned more and grew more in her testimony in those 2 years than the previous 33 without daily scripture study.  It is still so miraculous to me the power the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon have.  The force for good and spiritual light that they are.

Intersection in Leuven

Train Station in Leuven

Stadhuis (town hall) in Brugge

Blind Donkey Alley in Brugge

Canal in Brugge

Famous Shot of Europe (in Brugge)

Tri-panionship Photo
Elder Denny, Elder Cockbain, Elder Lott

Me, with famous Europe Background (Elder Lott)
Too bad it's winter and not summer, but it's still gorgeous

Cathedral in Oostende, Belgium
St. Petrus-en-Paulus Church

Selfie on Beach in Oostende (Elder Lott)
Don't worry, I didn't go swimming.  Not that it was tempting anyways...  Brrrrrr!!!!!

Walking through the old student dorms in Leuven (Elder Lott)

Cathedral Ruins in Tienen

More Ruins in Tienen

Love you all!

Elder Hayden L. Lott

Questions of the Week:  Are you able to get stroopwaffles there, or only Belgian waffles?  What are your favorite toppings?
Answer: yeah you can only get stroop waffles in the Netherlands, but that is ok because Belgian sugar waffles are 1000 times better!  I love it with whipped cream, bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce on top!

Picture snagged from the blog of the Mission Office Couple, Brother and Sister Robison (not to be confused with Mission President Robinson)

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