Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Everything's All Good, Sending Elder Cockbain Home

Hey Everybody!

So sorry for this email being so late.  Yesterday was Elder Cockbain's [Elder Lott told us in his Christmas call that the ck is silent - pronounced Cobain] last P-day and he wanted to go to Brugge for his last P-day, which is like a 2 hour train ride away.  I got some really cool pictures even though is was winter, so that was pretty cool.  

Rooftops at Brugge Center Square 

We spent pretty much the whole day there and then when we got back we didn't have time to email, and had to go to some appointments so here we are. I'm going to have to keep it short because we are just sending these off from the church computer before district meeting.  But I guess I can say a little bit.  This week has been good as far as the work goes.  Still don't have anybody on date for baptism, but most all of our investigators are progressing towards baptism anyways and have just hit some small bumps.  New Years was very cool.  We spent from 4 pm on inside just cooking, watching church films, and going out of our minds!  Midnight came, and we climbed out of our apartment window onto the roof and watched the fireworks go off.  We could hear the roar of crowds from parties in the main sqaures and centrums from all around the city.  It was cool pretty cool, but it sounds like it is still nothing compared to a Dutch New Years so I guess I have something to be excited for next year.  One funny thing about our area is that it is huge, so sometimes traveling between places there is a lot of dead time.  We would like to contact but it is actually illegal to proselyte on trains, buses, and stuff unless someone asks about who you are or why you are there. So we can do our best to just start conversations with people about random things and eventually it's bound to come up who you are and what you are here for because they see the name badge.  I've had some interesting conversations this way, but on long train rides, you can only really do this for so long before you've talked to all the people around you, so it's just not going to cut it.  So I've been getting a lot of reading in on travel time. I've read all the way through the missionary library except for Jesus the Christ, which I'm part way through.  I've been able to finish the Book of Mormon another time, read through the Miracle of Forgiveness, and many general conference talks.  With a super long train ride of 4 hours to drop Elder Cockbain off at the office and 4 hours back, it looks like I will have some more time to ponder and study.  I am actually really grateful for the unforseen blessing that this has been.  I have seen in the last couple weeks as I gain a deeper understanding of subjects that are gospel related, as I build up my knowledge, it has actually helped me in my efforts to teach simply and clearly to investigators.  Imagine that.  It has also made me realize how much more you can learn and expand you knowledge on specific topics, and how you can find the mysteries of God, even hidden treasures when you learn by the spirit, and when you study with the intent to actually use and apply what you learn.

I hope all is well with all of you back home! I love you guys and pray for you!  This church is true, Christ is at the head, and following Him we cannot fall.


Elder Hayden L. Lott

Hey ps as well, it's my little brothers birthday today!  Happy Birthday Elliot! Love ya bud!

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