Monday, December 8, 2014

Time For a Change

Hey all!

Happy Sinterclaus! Or at least a couple days ago.  That was one of the biggest events of this week.  We got to spend Sinterclaus this week with Bishop and Sister Rxx and their family.  It's an interesting holiday.  I loved all the Sinterclaus songs, even if Bishop Rxx kept giving me crap for not being able to memorize any of them.  I loved all the treats, and pretty much just everything. It was super cool.  We got to do a white elephant kind of thing which me and Elder Lovin got funny gifts for, so that was cool.  

This last P-day we got to go to Kinderdijk, a super cool little dorpje [village or small town] with a whole bunch of windmills which was super great for pictures, which I will send a lot of.  To get there was fun, we had to go though downtown Rotterdam, then go to someplace in the Harbor (Rotterdam is apperently the 3rd biggest Harbor in the world so that was cool) where we took a water bus, and then a smaller ferry to get to Kinderdijk.

The work this week actually was one of the best we've had in a while. Our contacting success blew up this week, as we finally saw success in finding tons of people with enough interest to say we could come back and give a short lesson!

But wait, transfer calls came on Sunday, and wait for it..... drum roll please................. Yep you guessed it, I'm getting transferred!  Which is actually totally ok with me, and I'm SUPER excited because I'm headed to Belgium!  I will be serving in the city/area of Leuven, Belgium.  And guess what? I get to be in another trio! (I guess I need extra looking after) ;)  My companions will be Elders Denny and Cockbain.  Elder Cockbain has been a Zone Leader for forever just like Elder Chantry was, and is apparently going home though about 3 weeks into next transfer.  I guess I'm just a ZL killer ;)  I am super excited to be going down to Belgium!

I really love this city I am leaving; the ward has been great and I had learned so many things and made so many memories here.  I guess that is to be expected though.  It was a good greenie city.  I hope to keep in contact with at least some of the super cool people that I have met here and hope and pray the next Elders can make it more successful than we were able to.  That's one of the great things about this work, is that it isn't a competition.  We always hope that someone else is better than us.  We can all rejoice in the success of each other because we are all serving the same purpose and same master, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This is his work, and we are simply the means by which he uses to accomplish it.  I love our Savior, and all that he has done and will do for us.  I know that he knows me personally, as well as everyone else.  I know I sometimes sound like a broken sound track record when I say that, but I will never cease in praising him or in striving to be like him, or in doing my best. "...I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God for in his strength I can do all things..." Alma 26:12

I cannot wait to see the experiences I will have in Belgium!


Elder Hayden L. Lott

well none of the computers in the library are sending pictures so hopefully next week I can just flood you guys with tons of them!

Mom's question of the week:  Do most apartments have a mail slot in the door, or are there cubbies in the lobby or out on the plaza?
Answer:  Honestly it depends on the apartment, and there are big cubbies in the one in Ommoord, but you pick up the letters inside because if they were outside they would get broken into super often.  The one in Ommoord was super ghetto anyways because it didn't even have a lock, we just had to pull really hard to get it open.

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