Monday, December 22, 2014

Early Christmas Miracles

Hey all!

Wow, this week has been fantastic.  Had a few early Christmas miracles to go along with it.  Me and Elders Cockbain and Denny have been seeing some success start to roll this week with our investigators who we started to work with at the begining of this transfer. We are teaching a steady amount of lessons now to a mix of investigators and less actives.  That in and of itself is a miracle to me, because I think we have already taught more lessons in this last week then I did all last transfer.  

Posing with the statue
[For those of you that know Elder Lott, you'll remember that he was always throwing out the Usain Bolt pose after races.  It's pretty funny that in the very same letter that he mentions Usain Bolt (below),  he would send a new pose for us to enjoy!]

Christmas Lights in Leuven

We had some really powerful lessons this week with a miracle of an investigator.  She woke up one Sunday morning and felt like she should come to church.  She didn't know which church to go to but remembered a card the missionaries had given her about our church, came and loved it!  Like I said, we have had some powerful lessons with her so far.  She desires so badly to know the truth that sometimes it is hard because she has such deep questions.  Well, that and she doesn't quite understand why Christ is important other than a good example but we'll help sort that one out.  From her actually comes another miracle.  During our last lesson, she told us that her friend is actually wanting to convert from Islam to Christianity and is looking for some help with some questions concerning Christ and is looking into which church to join. So she gave us each others numbers.  A referral from an investigator?  Miracle!  

We ended up getting a text from this friend of our first investagator the next day, and she asked for us to set up a time we could come and teach her... what? Add a miracle to the tally.  We are going to teach her in about an hour from when I send this off so I hope all goes well!  Another miracle is that when we were at the Antwerpen Church this week for a zone training somebody called the church.  They asked whoever it was that picked up if there was a church in Leuven, and when they said there was and got the info they wouldn't give out any info to us so we could teach them this week, but told us to expect them to come to church in the next couple weeks.  Miracle!

More miracles have jumped up when with nearly all of our dead time this week has been filled by either a suprise let in by a look up, or a suprise let in from a less active.  We got up to the Belgium/Netherlands mission standard of exellence this week for number of progressing investigators, (Investigators who have had more then one lesson and are keeping commitments) of 5 and could have as many as 9 or 10 by next week!  We are going to try and extend baptismal invitations and dates for those 5 whom are progressing in the near future so things are really looking up with the work!  The difference to me between now and a couple of weeks ago is not in an area, but in the change of dedication, truly loving those whom we serve, and single mindness to the Lord's work by me and my companions. The Lord truly does pour out His blessings when we as missionaries are prepared, obedient, prayerful, and humble enough to follow the spirit.

Merry Christmas everyone!   #sharethegift if you haven't watched or shared this video yet, please do so now!


Love you guys!

Elder Hayden L. Lott

ps Thanks for that story you shared at the end of your email Dad, it put me to tears thinking of the faithfulness and trust of that young man, and the kindness of those who helped him.  [from that email: Bishop shared a miracle story in church today. Last month when Josh Grimstead talked as our High Councilman he shared a story about a phone call from a family he baptized over 16 years ago while serving in DC. they looked him up because their now 19 yr old son is going to serve a mission. They are as poor now as back then, and they remembered a promise made back then...he would help if ever they sent a missionary out.-Plus they trusted the Lord explicitly! This family did't have money to buy this young man a pair of #14 shoes, or even a white shirt. But none of the poverty story was shared over the pulpit. After the meeting members of our ward felt inspired to help. Long story short, this young man stepped off the plane in SLC on Tuesday morning in his "best":jeans, ball cap, and New York Giants sweatshirt. His carry on luggage was a plastic shopping bag. By Wednesday morning he was outfitted with 2 new size 52 suits, shirts, shoes, socks, ties, shoe shine kit, and luggage that had already been on three missions. He was dropped off at the MTC dressed as he has never dressed in his life. The real miracles that took place to get him there are numerous. This missionary truly left home without purse or script.  Help came, just in time as this family, members, and young missionary acted in faith.]  

Also thanks Mom for the birthday wishes via Bishop Dxx.  He announced it over the pulpit and pointed at me Usain Bolt style, it was awesome!

Usain Bolt strikes his iconic pose
Can you imagine a Bishop doing this from the pulpit?  No wonder Elder Lott loves him so!

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