Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finally in the Netherlands, First Area is Ommoord!

On Monday, September 15th,  Elder Lott left the Provo MTC and traveled through Detroit on to the Amsterdam airport.  We were waiting for a phone call Monday morning, when Michael (Dad) received a text from the first counselor in our bishopric, Randy Beyer.  We hadn't known that Brother Beyer was traveling that day, and he hadn't realized that Elder Lott was too.  Not only were they both traveling that day, but were even on the same plane to Detroit!  So we were blessed to have a picture from the airport, which was totally unexpected, and a tiny bit of Dutch weather in the morning, which had not been predicted.  The Lord knows how to calm an anxious mother's heart.

Surprised to find out the Brother Beyer was on the same plane to Detroit as our son!
We (Mom, Dad, Lilianne and Elliot) were able to speak to Elder Lott, and how very good it was to hear his voice.  His enthusiasm was off the charts.  He was finally on his way to Belgium-Netherlands Mission!  We spent the morning watching his flight move across the United States, towards Detroit Michigan.  While switching planes in Detroit, he was able to make a flurry of last phone calls, speaking to Garrison at Cross Country practice, and again to his Dad who had gone to work for the afternoon.  Elder Lott said the Sister missionaries were able to place a Book of Mormon with a stewardess from the Salt Lake to Detroit flight, who was impressed with this group of 11 young men and young women headed out into the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The little ones watched 'The Best Two Years' (again!) while we continued to watch his new flight head to Amsterdam.  They landed a few minutes early, arriving just before midnight our time.

It was good to see the plane arrive in Amsterdam after a long day of watching it progress across the world.

Since Monday, we have been on pins and needles, waiting to hear to hear more.  Today we finally received word and pictures from the Mission President's wife, Sister Robinson, that all the elders and sisters had arrived in safety, that the past two days were spent completing Visa and financial paperwork, conducting interviews and giving instruction. (Good thing they were prepared for a hectic schedule in the MTC!)  And in her words "Your missionary has arrived safely and is now out in the mission field living the life of a missionary. "  

With Brother and Sister Robinson at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam

  Showing Off New Companion and Area Assignment Letters

Elder Lott is assigned to the Ommoord (Gouda Ward), which looks to be a neighborhood in Rotterdam.  We have located his trainer's family on the internet, and are waiting to have permission to use his name before posting here, but it looks to be great fit.

Oh the joy a form letter and 2 pictures from the mission home have brought our family!

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