Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bonus Letter from the MTC, September 13, 2014

[Now we know the rest of the story.  Elder Lott getting to talk to and have a picture with Elder Anderson, one of his closest friends, before he was sent off to the other campus was an answer to my prayers.  Just didn't know that it would be answered in exactly this way, but at least he learned a lesson.  - Anastasia]

With Elder Taylor Anderson

Hey all!

So before you freak out, I'm not breaking the rules, they are letting us have half of a p-day today to make sure we get a jump on packing and preparing to leave.  Not a ton has happened since Wednesday, but there are a few stories I will share and just some real last thoughts I guess.

So on Wednesday, as my parents reminded me, Elder (Taylor) Anderson entered the MTC.  Upon hearing this, I made plans to try and host him (picking him up out of his car, getting his bags, and getting him set up with all the stuff he needs.) Our zone was not in charge of hosting this week, but I had decided to give it a go and see if I couldn't just catch Elder Anderson.  When it came time though to try and start finding him, I was feeling a little guilty because we weren't the assigned zone to do hosting.  So when one of the Senior missionaries came up and asked us what we were doing I ended up telling him that I knew it wasn't our day to host, but that I really really wanted to host my friend.  He ended up thanking me for my honesty and took me aside. He gave me a host sticker and told me that if I just picked up my friend I should be fine, also that I shouldn't tell anyone that he had given me a sticker or the go.  Anyways so I hung out for a little while, watching for the Andersons, and eventually they came! So I put on my sticker and started heading down to where they would be dropping off Elder Anderson, when all of the sudden I was stopped by another senior missionary.  He asked me where I thought I was going; I guess he had seen me just barely put on my sticker. I told him I was heading down to pick up my friend, so then he asked me if I had been assigned to be a host today, I told him no.  This senior missionary was not so impressed with my honesty, he ended up telling me in some not so kind terms that I would not be a Host today, and that he was very angry that I would try and be so deceptive, especially as a missionary.  (The whole time I'm thinking in my head, "I'm not being deceptive at all, I told you the truth, and exactly what I'm doing")  Anyways so he took my sticker away. I refused to throw that nice Senior missionary under the bus, which just seemed to make him even more mad, so I just left.  I was feeling pretty down, not having gotten to pick up Elder Anderson, but I was pretty happy because as I had been getting chewed out the Anderson's drove by and yelled and waved, and so at least I had gotten to see them.  I ended up meeting up with Elder Anderson at a later point down the line, and walking him through up until he had to get on the bus to go to west campus, it was such blessing to have seen him! Plus now I have had the opportunity of seeing all my friends who have come in to serve the Lord during my time here moments after they have been dropped off.  After having dropped him off, we all went back to our rooms to change for the temple, and as I started to think about the events, I started to become a little angry at the Senior missionary who had chewed me out. I didn't like this feeling so I decided to pray and ask for help as I entered the temple.  My prayer was of course answered, as I was blessed with not only peace but an understanding of where the man was coming from. Lesson here: pray for help over anything, and go to the temple!

Another one with Elder Taylor Anderson before he boarded a bus to the West Campus.
We had in field training all day yesterday.  We learned how to work with members and how to contact, although apparently contacting is completely different in Europe so we're going to have to completely re-learn that. Oh well, I also received inspiration during this time that I might share in a later email.

All my Dutch Books

Plus one I forgot......

So elated to be heading out to the Netherlands and Belgium on Monday! The next time you hear from me I will be there!

Elder Hayden L. Lott

ps Just by the way on a sad thought, Elder Cook did not get his visa.  He will be serving in the Reno, Nevada mission until he gets his visa.  He seems to have been comforted though and is not taking it as hard anymore.  He will do great anywhere he serves, but he will make it to the Netherlands, I know it!

I have gotton all the packages you have sent once again, Mom.  I got a haircut the second week I was here, and now on this last week before we head out, thanks for keeping up on me though. I sent you back all the things you sent to me to send back, just so you know.

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