Monday, March 21, 2016


Dames en Heren, Jongens en Meisjes.....Wist je dat het al Maandag is? Ik niet, dat was ik helemaal vergeten.

[Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls ..... Did you know that it is already Monday? I did not, that I had completely forgotten.]

Yup, so this week started out with our zone training, that went really well!  The transfer focus President and the AP's had given us was chapters 1 (Our Purpose) and 8 (using time wisely/numbers) from Preach my Gospel.  After some technical difficulties with the microphones not working, I started it out, giving a training on numbers.  Talking about why we use numbers, the attitude we should have towards them, how to use them for the positive way and how to avoid the pitfalls some people get into concerning numbers. Then I shared some personal experiences with bad/good uses of numbers and goals. Then we had an activity planned where we compared effective missionary work to the game of RISK, talking about how many of the strategies used to win the game of RISK can be used to create effective missionary work.  

We laid out a map of our area marked everyone we work with or have as a potential.  We showed everyone some of the ways we have worked our area to create a productive, efficient work area.  Then we had the district leaders present their own areas in a similar way, just trying to give our missionaries as many different scenarios, tips, and tricks as we could.  That went really well, everyone seemed to learn from and enjoy it.  Then Sister Hanny (our sister training leader) trained on our purpose, and the atonement.  Elder Reese trained on confidence in our calling and enjoying the work.  We ended the training with Elder Reese playing the piano and Elder Hill giving a motivational speech on confidence and kind of a wrap up of what we learned... and it was so good!

You Are Not Alone in the Work
Henry B. Eyring
General Conference, October 2015

Work is coming along pretty well.  Another one of our investigators is on date!  Jxx, super cool 18 year old kid who we found from calling random numbers still left in the phone.  His date is for May 22nd.  We're loosing Axx, she hasn't come to church in weeks and has started to be flaky on appointments.  She still has a Bap. Date for May 1st but has lost steam since she has finished the lessons and still can't get baptized because of marriage paper issues.  Still hoping and praying on that one.  We still have a nice pool of other investigators, always looking to round it out though. 

Love you all!

-Elder Lott

Question of the Week:   Do households in Belgium have land lines, cell phones only, or both?

Answer:  A lot of Belgians have land lines, immigrants don't really though.  In both cases the land line doesn't ever really get used, pretty much everyone uses cell phones now.  Belgium and the Netherlands are 2 of the highest using cell phone and smart devices users in the world (per capita).

Mom note:
Here's a few pictures with Elder Lott that I found on the Mission Blog.  Hooray for pictures!

February 2016 Zone Conference
Antwerpen and Eindhoven Zones
Elder Lott is in the middle row, about 8th from the left.

February 2016 Zone Conference
Elder Lott is on the right side, second from top

February 2016 Zone Conference


  1. What a coincidence. It was in Antwerpen (in an apartment on Boekenberglei in Deurne) that I was introduced to the game of Risk. We played it every chance we got.

    1. That's a wonderful coincidence. I wonder if the game is still there; maybe that's why they used it for the theme of the training. Risk is one of Elder Lott's favorite board games, and he played it often before leaving on his mission.