Monday, January 11, 2016

Not Much to Say

Hoi Iedereen!
[Hi Everybody!]

This week, just like most, has flown by!  Filled with exchanges, meetings, lessons, and planning for our zone training coming up on Tuesday.  I learned a ton this week but one thing I think I'll share is an example I saw of a true servant of the Lord.  I got to go on exchanges with Elder Conatti (from Brazil) who is serving in Sint-Niklaas this week.  

Grote Markt, Sint Niklaas
picture from Google

Elder Conatti
picture from Robinson Mission Blog

It hit me that he is at the end of his mission and is going home in a couple of weeks, which plays into what I learned.  This transfer we have really been trying to implement a new teaching method (including teaching from pamplets) for teaching the lessons out of Preach My Gospel that we feel really good about that our missionaries can add to their 'bag of tools' for teaching people.  And even though Elder Conatti is at the end of this mission he has been very willing to learn and to teach this new method.  He realizes that this work is not his own, it is the Lord's, and his own personal preferences are much less important than what the Lord has in plan.  Super humbling to see that example. 

Larry R. Lawrence
What Lack I Yet?
General Conference, October 2015

Loving the Work, and the people here.

Love you all!

-Elder Lott

Question of the week: We've enjoyed seeing videos of people in the Netherlands ice skating in the streets because of the freezing temperatures making it unsafe to drive there.  Do the Belgian people embrace ice skating as enthusiastically as the Dutch?

Answer: As far as I know skating is way much more popular in the Netherlands.  People still skate here though.  They have makeshift ice rinks in many of the market squares here.  It's really cool to see. 

Market Square Ice Rink in Bruges, Belgium
picture from Google

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